Payshka aims to work with brands that appeal to China’s Milleninals and Gen Z whose lives are intertwined with social media platform such as WeChat. This particular group of consumers will dominate the world’s retail markets in both online and offline scenes and we are here to make sure you are ready to break into this complicated yet highly profitable market.

WeChat Services

We offer a range of WeChat related services

Cross-Border WeChat Payment

WeChat Official Account Management

WeChat Mini-Program Development

WeChat Social CRM System

Our WeChat focused Social CRM system will bring you closer to your customers in China by allowing your to do the following:


Accurate Behavioural Profiling


Personalised Communication


Targeted and Smart Marketing

Cross-Border eCommerce Fulfilment

You can ship directly to your customers in China in the most tax efficient way that your customers will appreciate

  • Customer Order

    Your WeChat follower places an order on your Mini-Program powered eCommerce shop

  • China eCustoms

    We prepare eCustoms reports for your online orders to make sure they are ready to enter China for delivery!

  • Lowest VAT

    Your eCommerce orders will clear customs in no time and your customers will receive their orders smoothly!

  • Happy Customer

    Everybody Happy!